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Technology & Quality


  • High rigidity
  • Lays flat and stays flat
  • Even surface
  • Optimal runnability
  • Easy to cut, die cut, crease, score, gouge, mill, punch, drill and emboss/deboss
  • 6% to 7% stable moisture.
  • 100% recycled
  • High brightness in virgin white paper of one side white board
10 min min scaled
11 min min scaled


A paperboard machine, also known as a paperboard production line or paperboard manufacturing machine, is a complex industrial machinery used to produce paperboard, which is a thick, stiff type of paper commonly used in packaging applications. The machine combines various processes to transform raw materials into a finished paperboard product.

  • Raw Material Preparation
  • Pulp Processing
  • Headbox
  • Forming Section
  • Press Section